Sandusky Parris

Fine Artist living and working in Asheville, NC

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Studio Location:  West Asheville                                        

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                                                                                                                                 Photo by Kristofer Thompson


Sandusky was born into a blue collar working family.  He is the son of two retired mail carriers and grew up in Lucerne Park in West Asheville.  He currently resides only a few miles from his childhood home.  Sandusky has not always been considered an artist.  He has been a tradesman for the majority of his life.  He currently owns and operates a heating and air conditioning company and a road construction business.  Sandusky is a former salsa instructor and performer, dancing at the World Salsa congress in Los Angelos in 2005. 


“I always had an appreciation for art, but certainly no natural talent.  I first became interested in pursuing art as a hobby after seeing the show of a local figurative painter named Mark Schieferstein.  I was given art lessons, as a gift, for Christmas in 2009.  Well known wild life artist Bob Travers was my teacher for my beginning art lessons.  I continued to work with Bob over the next couple of years.  One day when having a portrait frame made, the framer asked me about my art.  When I told him the story of how I was inspired by the art show I had seen a year earlier, he asked me if I could remember the name of the artist.  “Mark Schifer ….something.” I said.  “Mark Schieferstein?  That’s me!”  He replied.  Through that chance encounter, I began working with Mark over the next few months as he taught me about his unique style.  Later I took a life drawing class with Michael Smith, apprentice to well known artist Ben Long IV.  And if you think my luck couldn’t get any better, I had a chance meeting with Julyan Davis, the London born southern landscape painter.  Julyan and I shared a studio space together downtown for the next year as he helped me develop more as an artist, teaching me several techniques he had developed over the years.”


For more information regarding purchase or to commission a painting please contact Sandusky Parris directly at (828) 337-4699 or